Health care

Who is entitled to Social Security health care?

Amongst others, the following will have the right to the Social Security health care benefits:

  • As insured individuals, the workers (affiliated and registered or in a situation assimilated to that of affiliation), pensioners and those receiving periodic benefits, including those receiving unemployment benefits or subsidies and those who, having used up their unemployment benefit or subsidy, are unemployed.
  • Families or those in a similar situation, dependent on the above mentioned:
    • A spouse or person with a relationship of similar status, who is officially registered.
    • A depending ex-spouse of the insured, with a right to a compensatory pension.
    • The dependent descendants, foster children and persons of a similar status under the age of 26 or with a disability of a degree greater than or equal to 65%.
    For all the aforementioned to apply, the following will be required:
    • Living with the entitlement holder (except separated and divorced persons) and dependent upon them (except of the spouse or de facto partner).
    • Not receiving income of more than double the IPREM.
    • Not having the right to this benefit for a different reason.
  • Spanish citizens,  nationals of European Union member states, the European Economic Area or Switzerland who are resident in Spain, or foreigners with current authorisation to reside in Spain.
  • People who have signed a Special Agreement.

Does the person included as a worker's beneficiary in the Social Security card have the same health care benefits as the entitlement holder?

In general, health benefits have the same content for the insured (workers and pensioners) and the beneficiaries under their responsibility, unless the determining contingency was a work accident or occupational disease, in which case care is more complete (plastic surgery ...).

Is it possible to include a divorced worker, who lives with their partner without being married, as a recipient in their social security card if their ex-wife remains on it because she does not work?

In general, as long as they meet the requirements established, any person who is officially registered and is not the spouse of the assured, or in a relationship of similar status, has the right to healthcare.

The inclusion of this person as a recipient, does not alter the right to healthcare of the possible ex-spouse.

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