Application forms

Applications for Contribution Account Codes, changes to details or end of active contributor status must be formalised by filling in the following forms:

Scheme Main |C.C.C. registration Secondary or subsequent C.C.C. Application Notification of change of information and end of active contributor status C.C.C. Application to change C.C.C.
for workers
(Mergers, take-overs, |etc.)
General |TA-6 TA-7 TA-7 TA-8
Special Scheme for Coal Mining TA-6 TA-7 TA-7 TA-8
Special Scheme for Sea Workers, employee workers TA-6  TA-7 TA-7 TA-8
Special System for Domestic Employees TA.6-0138_DOMESTIC TA.6-0138_DOMESTIC TA.6-0138_DOMESTIC TA.6-0138_DOMESTIC
To finalise your request you may go to the Social Security General Treasury Officeclosest to the address where you work. If you have a digital certificate you will be able to carry out some of these requests via the Electronic Applications Register of the e-Office, or else process your application directly through the services available for "Companies and Professionals".
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