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Suspension / Termination


  • When the beneficiary has committed fraud in obtaining or retaining benefit rights.

  • When the permanent disability is due to or has been worsened by criminal negligence by the beneficiary.

  • When the permanent disability is due to or has been worsened by rejecting or abandoning the medical treatment prescribed during the temporary disability situation, without reasonable cause.

  • When the beneficiary rejects or abandons the corresponding readjustment and rehabilitation treatments or processes, without reasonable cause. 

Termination of benefits

  • Due to revision resulting in recovery.

  • Due to death of the beneficiary.

  • Due to eligibility for the retirement pension, when this pension is selected.

  • Due to official review ordered by the management entity in any of the cases in which this action is legally allowed and when it leads to the loss of eligibility for the pension. 
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