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Employer Registration


Procedure for Employer Enrolment

General Information


The allocation of an employer number by the Treasury General of the Social Security, for its identification within the corresponding Scheme in the Social Security System. This number is considered the primary and main contribution Account Code number.




Form TA-6 must be submitted for all Schemes, except for the Special System for Domestic Employees which requires Form TA.6-0138_DOMESTIC.

More information on forms


Individual employer:

  1. Official application form.
  2. An original or a copy of the identification document of the owner of the company, individual employer or head of household.
  3. Document issued by the Ministry of Finance assigning the Financial Identification Number of the Economic Activity of the Company according to CNAE -09. (this document is not required for the Special System for Domestic Employees). 

Collective and Company Employers:

Where to process it:

At the Social Security Treasury General Office nearest to their business address. If you have a digital certificate you can make this application through the e-Office, or else process your application directly through the services available for “Companies”.


Employers that hire workers for the first time should request their own registration as a company before commencing work activities.

The formalised documents regarding coverage for occupational risks and the financial benefit for temporary disability arising from common contingencies shall remain in effect for a one-year period and shall be extended by equal periods.

Other important information:


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