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Procedure for care of minors affected by cancer or another serious illness.

Below are details of the general procedure

What is the benefit for care of minors affected by cancer or another serious illness?

It is a benefit granted to one of the parents, adoptive parents or foster parents, when both parents work,  due to a reduction in working hours (a minimum of 50%) and in proportion to this reduction, to care for a dependent minor who requires a long-term hospital admission due to being affected by cancer or another serious illness stipulated by law.

What formalities are necessary?

Applicants must submit:

The application form from the Managing Body or, where appropriate, the mutual society partnering with Social Security, and the necessary documentation for proving the information included on the application form.

Where is it processed?

The application and documentation required must be submitted to the Managing Body (National Social Security Institute or the Social Marine Institute) or Mutual Society Partnering with Social Security.

What is the term for applying for the benefit?

The application must be submitted within three months of the date on which the reduction of working hours starts.

For applications submitted outside said period, the benefit will be backdated for a maximum term of three months.

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