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Family Members Subsidy Procedure

The general procedure is presented below.

What is the Social Security family members subsidy?

It is an economic benefit that consists of a temporary subsidy granted to the family members who have lived with and depended economically on the deceased and meet the requirements.

What formalities are necessary?

  • Fill in the  Survivor's Benefits application form.
  • The personal and specific documentation indicated in the application form.

Where is it processed?

The application and necessary documentation should be submitted to any Social Security Support and Information Centre of the National Social Security Institute.
Sea workers must submit it to the Provincial Offices of the Social Marine Institute (ISM).

The entitlement is granted by the National Social Security Institute (INSS), except for seafarers, in which case it is the Social Marine Institute (ISM); when death is due to a work-related injury, to the Social Security Mutual Society Partner.

When is the family members subsidy applied for and when does payment begin?

The subsidy may be applied for at any time after the death, and it is paid from the first day of the month following that of the date of application.

When does the right to the subsidy expire?

The subsidy expires:

  • Due to the maximum duration period expiring.
  • Due to death.
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