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The page you are trying to access is not available in the language you requested. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.
Languages available: Castellano

The page you are trying to access is not available in the language you requested. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.
Languages available: Castellano

1. If my pension is being processed, will the exceptional state of alarm caused by COVID-19 affect the processing and resolution of my pension?

  • No resolutions will be sent by post as the service is suspended for this type of notification.
  • If the resolution is favourable, you will be sent an email informing you of the favourable resolution of your application. In it we will inform you whether your resolution has been approved definitively or provisionally due to lack of documents or verification of other details.
  • We will also send you an SMS to the mobile phone listed in your application informing you of the resolution of your benefit, and a second SMS with the last 4 digits of the account number where you first benefit payment will be made.
  • If the resolution is not favourable, it will not be resolved during the date of alarm to avoid any detriment that, otherwise, issuing this notification could cause you.
  • In any case, we will send you notification of the resolution of your file by post when the state of alarm ends and postal service return to normal. From that moment we will start counting the period for formulating a prior claim if you do not agree with the resolution.

2. I am a permanent disability pensioner and the period for maintaining my job established in my initial resolution ends during the state of alarm. How does the state of alarm affect my situation?

    Where an improvement in the degree of recognised disability is expected to allow for a return to work, when the employment relationship is suspended and the job maintained, the maximum period of two years established to issue a resolution will be suspended during the state of alarm and its extensions. This period will resume after the state of alarm ends.

  • We will send you notification of the resolution of your file by post when the state of alarm ends and postal services return to normal. From that moment we will start counting the period for formulating a prior claim if you do not agree with the resolution.

3. ¿El pago de pensiones en el extranjero se va a ver afectado por la limitación de movilidad por el COVID 19?

  • If payment of the pension abroad is made by bank transfer, it will be completed as normal.
  • On the other hand, the payment of pensions by cheque for March 2020 has been suspended in those countries where confinement measures related to the COVID-19 health crisis have made it impossible to distribute them. Cheques withheld by the spanish Social Security system will be forwarded to their recipients once mobility restriction measures in the country of residence have been lifted.

The countries initially affected by this restriction are:

  • Bolivia
  • Philippines 
  • Honduras
  • India
  • Cuba
  • Pensioners who have been collecting their pension by cheque can request a change in payment method by transfer in order to receive their pension without delay.
  • To request this change:

4. If I receive a call claiming to be from the Social Security, asking me to install a mobile application to collect a benefit, should I install that application or provide any information?

  • No, in no case will our civil service staff contact you to request you install mobile applications for payments between individuals to pay you arrears or to make regular benefit payments.
  • Social Security entities only issue payments by deposit in the bank account provided by you or by issuing a cheque, in the cases provided.
  • If you receive a call of this kind, you can inform us by sending the telephone details, description of the situation and your contact details to our Enquiries Mailbox.
  • IMPORTANT: If you have used the extraordinary electronic service without digital certificate (due to the COVID-19 containment measures and declaration of state of alarm) to send us an urgent and undeferrable application or communication, we may need to contact you to resolve any issues in sending or managing your benefit. In these cases, the civil servant will identify themself and may give you details about the communication sent by you and the date of sending, as a guarantee that it is an official, legitimate request for details.

5. If I need to request a benefit or variation in a recognised benefit and I cannot sign the form as I do not have a printer and/or scanner, how can I submit my application?

  • If you have an electronic certificate or Cl@ve, use the relevant service at the e-Office and sign your application electronically.        
  • If you do not have a digital certificate or cl@ve, you can use the extraordinary channel enabled with no certificate
  • In the latter case, if you do not have the means to scan and/or print and you must sign a form, you can replace the signature requirement with a written document that you send us along with the application, hand-signed and in any format (preferably in PDF).
  • In other words, if you do not have a printer and scanner, or electronic means of identification such as a digital certificate or Cl@ve:
    • You can fill in the official form available on our website (link) and save it in pdf without your handwritten signature.
    • You must accompany the application with a copy of your DNI/NIE and other documentation to be provided, preferably in pdf format.
    • Next, you must attach accreditation of your wish to request the benefit in a written document. To do this, you can copy this text or similar:
      • “Please consider this document accompanying my application dated………..as accreditation of my wish to request the benefit of:………../ variation…….. of the benefit………….
      • Signed:

        Name, surname(s), written signature and DNI/NIE number.”

    • Send a photograph of your signed document along with the application form via the channels available for sending communications and applications: with or without digital certificate or Cl@ve: Filing of other documents, applications and communications (INSS) or Filing of other documents, applications and communications (Social Marine Institute)
    • IMPORTANT: please make sure it is legible and the photograph is in focus, and that the details indicated, especially mobile and email address, are correct. This is essential to be able to contact you if necessary and streamline the processing of your application.


6. If I cannot obtain a mandatory document to process a benefit, how can I file my application?

  • You may provide alternative documents or evidence, notwithstanding the obligation to submit mandatory documents once the state of alarm is no longer in effect.
  • If you do not have or are unable to obtain alternative documents, you may submit a sworn declaration about these details or documents, notwithstanding the obligation to submit supporting documents of the facts or data alleged later.  The benefit will be recognised, where appropriate, on a provisional basis and subsequently revised.
  • You need not submit the standard  sworn statement document available at the e-Office, writing a document with the same details is sufficient. You can do so in writing and send us a photograph.
  • Submitting a sworn statement will serve to initiate and processing the file or procedure  requested.

7. Can I request a change account number for the pension or benefit via the channel without a digital certificate?

  • If you do not have electronic means of identification, for security reasons you may not request changes to your pension or benefit account number via the document submission channel without an electronic certificate.
  • However, please remember that you can complete this formality with an electronic certificate or Cl@ve, if you have them, or otherwise, represented by a friend or family member with a digital certificate or Cl@ve via this service.

9. If I have been contracted to implement agricultural employment measures adopted due to the state of alarm. Is remuneration received compatible with Social Security pensions?

  • Remuneration received for agricultural employment is compatible with pensions and benefits for widow/widower’s, orphans and in favour of family members.
  • Retirement pensions are compatible only in cases of active, partial and flexible retirement, as provided for in regulations.
  • Permanent disability pensions will be compatible, in the same cases where they have already been compatible with work, under the terms laid down in the General Law on Social Security. 
  • Income obtained from this work will not be taken into account for the purposes of income limits established for contributory and non-contributory benefits, including minimum supplements for contributory pensions and family benefits. 
  • This compatibility system shall apply to remuneration obtained from temporary agricultural work that complies with the terms established in Royal Decree-Law 13/2020, of 7 April, carried out during state of alarm and until 30 June 2020.

8. If I am self-employed and receive 100% of my pension for having workers under my responsibility, who have now been placed in an ERTE, will this affect my active retirement?

  • Self-employed workers who maintain their business activity and continue to work in person may benefit from 100% of the retirement pension, even if the working relationship of all employees hired employees has been reduced or suspended due to an ERTE (or for any other reason provided for in Article 45 TRLET), provided that the self-employed worker maintains their contribution obligations.
  • This same criterion shall apply if the self-employed worker is exempt from contributions under Article 24 of Royal Decree-Law 8/2020, of 17 March, on extraordinary urgent measures to deal with the economic and social impact of COVID-19.

10. If I receive a retirement pension and, because of the exceptional COVID-19 situation, I resume active service as a healthcare professional by statutory professional appointment, how will it affect my retirement pension?

  • Regardless of your retirement mode, 100% of the amount of the initial recognition or the amount being received at the time compatibility begins, including minimum supplements, shall be maintained if you meet the requirements for payment.
  • The pension limitation system, incompatibilities and exercise of the right to option, as set out in the General Social Security Act, will continue to apply.



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