Located in coastal ports, in accordance with the  ILO's Maritime Labour Convention 2006, they provide an accommodation service for seafarers in transit in ports and on board ships

Users of the Accommodation services:

  • Workers included in the scope of application of the Special Seafarers scheme, pensioners of this scheme and the co-habiting beneficiaries of both groups.
  • Foreign seafarers working on board any ship.
  • Students of training courses organised by the Body.

Management of the hostels located in Spain  has been transferred to the Autonomous Regions  that have assumed responsibilities for social services, with the exception of CEUTA and MELILLA

Order ESS/2489/2013, of 19 December, which establishes the Public Prices of certain services provided by the Social Marine Institute. (BOE |no. 2, of 2 January 2014).

Image of ISM hostels 

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