Suggestions and complaints

The suggestions and complaints forms are used to gather suggestions on how to improve service quality and also to enable citizens to express their dissatisfaction with the services provided by the Social Security Administration.


The basic regulations governing the use of complaint and suggestions forms are outlined in Royal Decree 951/2005, of 29 July, which establishes the general framework for improving quality in the General State Administration (BOE 3/9 - |Corr. Err. 22/9).


On this page, citizens will find the online form which should be used to send any suggestions and complaints. The service may only be accessed by means of an Electronic DNI or another digital certificate (physical individual/ legal person or entity) included in the list of accepted certificates, as well as meeting all the othertechnical requirements and having your browser configured to use digital signature functions.

In addition, if this certificate has not been obtained in a Social Security office, the identification data of the digital certificate (individual/legal person or entity) should match those held in the Social Security database.

There are also suggestions and complaints forms available to citizens in all the Social Security Offices and Assistance Centres open to the public, and in the general and auxiliary registers which receive and issue documents of Central Services, Provincial Offices and other peripheral units of Social Security Bodies and Entities. The availability of these forms will be clearly and visibly advertised and they will be kept in an accessible location to ensure citizens are able to find them and use them. The form is also available to download at the bottom of this page, to be submitted at the above mentioned offices.

Submission methods

Suggestions and complaints can be presented in the following ways:

  • Via electronic means, using the online form available, using an Electronic DNI or another accepted digital certificate (physical individual/ legal person or entity).
  • In person, by completing the corresponding form which can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • By post, clearly indicating your full name and address, so you can be sent the corresponding copy and reply.


Once the form has been received, the relevant Unit will send a response to the citizen within 20 working days. This time period may be suspended in the event that the interested party is required to provide, within a period of 10 working days, any clarifications needed to correctly process the suggestion or complaint.

If the interested party does not receive a response by the deadline, they can contact the General Inspection of Services Unit of the Organisation where they sent their suggestion or complaint in order to find out the reason they have not received a reply and so the Inspection unit can ensure the competent bodies take appropriate action.


Under no circumstances will the complaints made be classed as appeals to the ordinary courts or stall the time periods set out in the applicable legislation.
The submission of a complaint does not in any way affect the exercising of any other rights or actions which, in accordance with the regulations governing each procedure, may be exercised by the interested party.
You can obtain as many blank copies as you wish of the form found at the bottom of this page (which is to be submitted in person) to fill in by hand, or type in the required data and then print as many copies as you wish (it is recommended that you print four copies so that one can be stamped at the office where the form is submitted).

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