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Special System for Employed Agricultural Workers

Employed workers included in the Special Agricultural Scheme on 31 December 2011 and the employers to whom they provide their services are included in this Special System. Employed workers who carry out agricultural, forestry or livestock work or who are supplementary to or assist in these tasks, on farms, as well as the employers to whom they provide their services, shall also be included in the General Scheme of the Social Security.

The contributions are governed by the current regulations in the General Scheme, distinguishing between working and non-working periods and with the following particular conditions:

  • During the working periods the contributions can be made using daily bases, depending on the actual days worked, or using monthly bases, which is compulsory for agricultural workers with permanent contracts. The employer is responsible for fulfilling the requirement to pay contributions and report the actual days worked. The employer is solely responsible for paying in contributions for occupational contingencies.
  • During non-working periods the contributions shall be paid monthly and shall be paid exclusively by the worker.
  • c) During periods of temporary disability, risk during pregnancy and risk during breastfeeding, as well as maternity and paternity during working periods, the employer is only responsible for paying the employer contributions. The worker contributions shall be paid by the organisation that is making the direct payment of the benefits for the specified situations.

The workers included in the Special System shall have right to Social Security Benefits in the same terms and conditions as in the General Scheme, with the specific particular conditions indicated in the following sections:

  • During working periods, they will have right to all benefits established in the General Scheme.
  • Nevertheless, during non-working periods, the protective action will exclusively include economic benefits for maternity, paternity, permanent disability and death and survival arising from common contingencies, and retirement.

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