Making applications

How should they be made?

Although it is not necessary to present an application on the official form, it is advisable to use one, since the official forms include the data needed to process the application and this can speed up the process.

The application forms include instructions in easily understood language on how to fill them in. However, if you have any questions, the officials at the Support and information Centres (CAISS)will provide the advice and help you need to complete and submit these forms. To do this, please make an appointment by calling 901 10 65 70 or at the Social Security e-Office.


Applications for benefits managed by the National Social Security Institute (INSS) are processed and resolved:

  • Generally, through the Provincial Office of the INSS where the application is presented.
  • For employment disability benefits,through the Provincial Office of the INSS that corresponds to where the interested party is living.
  • If the applicant lives abroad, through the Provincial Office of the INSS for the province in Spain in which his or her last contributions were certified or claimed.

However, they can be submitted at anyofficial register or, if you have a digital certificate,to the Social Security e-Office inCitizens.


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