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Royal Decree-Law 2/2003, of 25 April, on economic reform measures.

As announced in RED New Bulletin 2003/6 of 9 May 2003, Royal Decree-Law 2/2003 of 25 April, on economic reform measures, in final provision two - corrected by the BOE of 7 May - included a new group of workers to which the incentives for contracting will be applied.

These are women workers whose contracts have been suspended for a period of maternity leave or leave to take care of a child (regardless of the type of contract) and will return to work within the two years following the date of the birth, as long as the birth occurred before this Royal Decree-Law came into effect.  

As already announced in bulletin 2003/06, in the area of affiliation, it has been necessary to create a new field to identify these situations.

The new field is called ''WOMAN RETURNING TO WORK'' and it can have the following values :



A new AFI file is attached with the changes highlighted on a gray background.

This new field can be activated for affiliations, changes to contracts and changes to previous movements.

In the area of contribution, these allowances must be shown with a code of CD07 "Allowances from SPEE".

This allowance will be accepted for the June 2003 payment period and those after.

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New Affiliation transaction

A new transaction has been developed for the Special Coal Mining Scheme and the Special Scheme for Sea Workers that allows the occupational classification of a worker to be changed.

In online affiliation, it will be called ATR47 - change of occupational classification.

In batch affiliations, a new action has been created at worker level: CCP - Change of occupational classification.

It has not been necessary to create any new fields as all those needed by this transaction already exist

The fields that must be activated are:

  • Scheme: Obligatory field in the EMP segment (only for schemes 0911 and 08xx)
  • CCC : Obligatory field in the EMP segment
  • NAF : Obligatory field in the TRA segment
  • IPF: Obligatory field in the TRA segment
  • Occupational classification: Obligatory field in the FAB segment
  • Actual date: Obligatory field in the FAB segment
  • Printing a ta2: Optional field in the FAB segment

The new category for the worker must be entered in the 'occupational category' field.
The 'Actual date' field must be activated with the date when the worker entered this new occupational category.

Date of implementation.

All the changes described in the previous points will go into operation at the end of June.

The specific date on which they come into operation will be announced.

New version of WinSuite

These changes will be implemented in the next version of WinSuite. However, its distribution will be delayed as a version is being prepared that includes other changes, which must be implemented as soon as possible.

Until the update of WinSuite has been distributed, all movements that require the use of the new field 'Woman returning to work' or the new transaction 'Change of occupational category', which are not included in the current version, can be made through online affiliation with no problem.

Also, if you have implemented these changes in your payroll and personnel management programs, you can carry out affiliation in batch mode.

In this case, if the new field is activated, WinSuite will only give an error in the message syntax version number; if the new action is activated, WinSuite will also generate an error 'Error value: Worker action (4210).
In both cases, these errors will not prevent the files from being sent, and allow the movements to be entered into the General Affiliation File.

Finally, the module for generating AFI files from WinSuite cannot be used until the program is updated.

In the area of contribution, until the new version of WinSuite is distributed, the current version will generate "allowance incompatible with an employment contract" errors for contract codes for which there is currently no type of allowance.

However, the files should be sent in since the Central System will process them correctly.

A future RED System News Bulletin will give the distribution calendar for the new version of WinSuite.

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