Procedure for Maternity

Below are details of the general procedure

What are maternity benefits?

These are benefits granted to all workers, during the legally established leave periods, in the event of maternity, adoption, foster care and guardianship, as long as the necessary requirements are proven, as applicable. 

Entitlement to the maternity benefit will begin on the same day as the start date of the corresponding leave period in accordance with the applicable rules for each case.

What procedures must be followed?

In the case of biological motherhood, the Public Health Service doctor who cares for the pregnant worker will issue a maternity report in the following cases:

  • When the worker begins her leave before the birth date.
  • When the child dies after a gestation period of at least 180 days.

The applications will be made on the standard forms stipulated by the Social Security Administration.

Personal and specific documentation must be provided in accordance with the particular case, as stated on the application form.

Where is it processed?

The procedure for granting the entitlement begins upon the request of the interested party, by application to the provincial directorate of the appropriate managing body (the INSS or ISM). 

Who grants and pays the benefit?

The competent managing body (INSS or ISM).

When do benefits end?

When the legally established weeks of leave have elapsed.

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