Secretary of State for Social Security

|C/ Agustín de Bethencourt, 4 - 28003 - MADRID.

Telephone: 91 363 00 00.

Fax: 91 363 03 14.

What is the Secretariat of State of the Social Security?

It is the highest body of the department under the control of the person in charge of this body.

What are its powers?

  • Managing and supervising the Managing Bodies and Common Services of the Social Security, assigned to the department, without prejudice to the responsibilities assigned to other ministries and other areas of the department.
  • Supporting and managing the Social Security legal department.
  • Managing and coordinating the Social Security financial resources and expenditure.
  • Planning and supervising the management carried out by the Social Security collaborating bodies.
  • Any other responsibility assigned to it by law or regulations.
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